Our Stocks

Comgás became a public company in 1996 and has traded on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa) since 1997.

The equity of Comgas comprises 130,038,279 shares of which 101,917,264 are common shares with voting rights (ON) and 28,121,015 are nonvoting class A preferred shares (PNA). The controlling shareholder stake is 80%. The general public can invest in Comgás by purchasing nonvoting preferred shares, which account for 20% of equity and are traded in the market (free float).

More details about our shares:

Type of Share: Registered
Ticker Symbol: CGAS

Quotation in “Reais per Shares”

Comgás PNA: Listed on São Paulo Stock Exchange as CGAS5
Comgás ON: Listed on São Paulo Stock Exchange as CGAS3

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