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Comgás is a distributor of piped natural gas in São Paulo State with over 1.7 million customers. In 2014, it distributed 5.5 billion cubic meters – amounting to a quarter share of the domestic market. Comgás distribution network amounts to over 14 thousand kilometers. Its concession area comprises 177 cities in the following areas: metropolitan São Paulo, metropolitan Campinas, the coastal area around Santos and the Paraíba Valley.

Comgás distributes and actively promotes the use of natural gas as a cleaner, eco-friendlier alternative to other fossil fuels, and as a safe and economical energy resource.

As a public utility, Comgás is regulated by the Agency of Regulation in Sanitation and Energy of the State of São Paulo (ARSESP), an agency of the São Paulo State Government, which granted a 30-year concession for the provision of public piped gas distribution services starting in May 1999, renewable only once for a further 20 years.

Comgás became a public company in 1996 and has traded on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa) since 1997. It was privatized in April 1999 for R$1.65 billion (a 119% premium on the minimum price at auction). Its majority shareholders were BG Group (former British Gas) and Group Shell. In November 2012, Cosan acquired 60.1% of Comgás’ social capital from the BG Group. In December 2017, Cosan acquired the totality of the stakes held by Shell in Comgas (16.77%), resulting in a total participation of 79.88% in the Company's social capital. 


The Cosan Group is one of the largest private economic corporations in Brazil, with business in the energy and logistic segments. The group has the following companies: Cosan S.A., Cosan Logística, Rumo ALL, Raízen, Comgás and Moove.

In the energy segment, Cosan stands out in the following businesses:

  • Raízen, a joint venture created with Shell:
    One of the largest distributors of fuel in Brazil with 4,600 Shell Gas stations.
    Brazil’s largest and one of the world’s largest sugar, ethanol and cogeneration producers with 24 mills and a sugarcane grinding capacity of 65 million tons.
  • Comgás, the largest gas distributor in the country.
  • Moove, produces and distributes lubricants from Mobil and Comma brands in Brazil and 3 other countries in South America beyond the United Kingdom.

In the logistics segment, Cosan Logística, controller of Rumo ALL, stands out in the following aspects:

  • Largest independent logistics company in Latin America.
  • 4 rail concessions with approximately 12,000 km of railway lines.
  • 6 port terminals for grain and sugar.
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